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My Story

"Hello and Welcome" 

Brendan here, you have landed on my Photography website 

Yes, Pixology Digital Art is my Photography

Maybe like you, I have used a variety of cameras over the years, ranging from Kodak film, through to point-and-shoot digital cameras  

In 2007, when living in New Zealand, I became more serious about photography, when a company I worked for sponsored the New Zealand Porsche GT3 Racing Series


In 2009, I followed the series around the South Island and documented the races and events on a DVD with still images and music. The DVD was used at head office for promotional and sponsorship events

In 2013, I brought my first Canon DSLR body, plus a couple of lenses, and away I went


My Photography and Photographer journey moved forward in a bigger way


Living in New Zealand, a land of awesome images around every corner. It was a fantastic place to live, and to expand my photography experience, knowledge, and image gallery

In late 2016, I returned to Australia where I live on the Surfcoast in Victoria. Torquay is my home town, it's an area where I have family history and connections 

Living close by iconic locations, including Torquay, Bell's Beach, Point Addis, Jan Juc, The Otway’s, and Great Ocean Road


“There are opportunities most days” 

As a Photographer, do I have a preference for Photography or subject matter?


Maybe I do, what I do enjoy, is in "My Art Portfolio"

When I’m out and about, enjoying the world we live in, I’m always seeking to capture the ultimate image


One, that has near-perfect composition, that has complementary colours, light, lines, contrast, and shade

I’m also a fan of abstract Photography, and the freedom Adobe Lightroom gives to be a little more creative in post-production

In some ways, chasing the perfect image is like chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


It’s never-ending!


Every day is a new opportunity for the growth and development of new photography techniques

I believe in the Japanese Wabi-Sabi Principle:


The imperfection in something is the perfection we seek, or perfection is found within the imperfections we see

I'm not a Photographer who is aiming to sell thousands of copies of the same image, so if you decide to buy an image, it would be limited to 20 or fewer prints printed 

My ultimate goal is to produce or create, what is classified as

Fine-Art Photography, be recognized for my work in some way or form, and continually grow as a Photographer

Appreciate the world we live in

Thank you for taking the time and reading about me

My aim in photography: Is to create an image, that has uniqueness, tells a story, and in some way connects!

​Cheers, Brendan​

Who do I gain inspiration from:

Henri Cartier-Bresson  - Photgropher 

Joel Meyerowitz - Photographer

Paul Strand - Photographer

Ansel Adams - Photographer

Edward Hopper - Artist

Peter McKinnon - Photographer/Youtube

James Popsys - Photographer/Youtube

North Borders - Photographer/Youtube

Pat Kay - Photographer/Youtube

Sean Tucker - Photographer/Youtube

Any formal training - Yes!

Certificate in Landscape Photography 

Any recognition  - Yes!

Please click on my art page and then awards 

Bezza Benji Bella.jpg

The picture you see: 

Is of Bella, Benji, and myself, "a selfie of the three amigos"

(Bella Black/Benji White)


The three amigos have enjoyed being out and about, in both the South Island of New Zealand and also Victoria Australia


Yes, they both traveled back with me to live in Australia

Sadly, Benji passed away in February 2021


Rip: Benji Boy 


Bella and I are very grateful to have spent time with our mate 


Benji, we miss him, could say, gone but not forgotten! 

Sadly, Bella passed away in July 2021

RIP: Bella Girl

Both will never be forgotten..........truly amazing!

I'll miss them both, so many lessons from them, grateful for my time with Bella and Benji............"Dogs are just awesome"

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